Is hell an eternal punishment?

Hell and Isolation+Economics Recently someone told me that she did not want to go to Sunday school because she was a single woman and the class was about solving marital conflict. The discussion went further on to reveal that she felt extremely isolated in the class because of it. She went on to explain that... Continue Reading →

My Jordan Peterson moment

Work and Inflation+Economics At least 2 times in my life, I have been walloped by circumstances. In youth group, I had risen to the top. But in college, I was back at the bottom. I can remember one time in class, the project was to describe yourself to a fellow student and then they would... Continue Reading →

Substance Abuse+Economics

I came face to face with the substance abuse crisis long before it was thrust into the public eye. I was very close to some individuals who were stuck in its grip. Through them, I had the chance to meet others, as well as many unsung heroes who give their hearts and lives to help... Continue Reading →

Sin and the Storm+Economics

Is sickness because of sin? I was firmly raised Grace Brethren, which clings religiously (no pun intended) to the idea of “once saved, always saved”. As a pragmatist, I do not like this idea. But I know my argument doesn’t hold any water against a real Bible scholar, or pretty much anyone who wants to... Continue Reading →

Grace and Law+Economics

There is a maddening debate within Christianity that centers around the law and grace. Terms like “legalistic” and “grace freeloaders” are used to describe the opposite sides. Being a pragmatist, I try to stay away from the argument, because I always lose. Recently though, I was struck by something Jordan Peterson said in a lecture... Continue Reading →

Useless relics from the past

The supply and demand of racism. Now I know what you may be thinking, what does a quarter Latino cis-gender male from rural Indiana know about racism? Actually, I experienced it while traveling through a foreign country! I was involved in a car accident, and because I was from the United States, the accident was... Continue Reading →

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