Substance Abuse+Economics

I came face to face with the substance abuse crisis long before it was thrust into the public eye. I was very close to some individuals who were stuck in its grip. Through them, I had the chance to meet others, as well as many unsung heroes who give their hearts and lives to help... Continue Reading →

Sin and the Storm+Economics

Is sickness because of sin? I was firmly raised Grace Brethren, which clings religiously (no pun intended) to the idea of “once saved, always saved”. As a pragmatist, I do not like this idea. But I know my argument doesn’t hold any water against a real Bible scholar, or pretty much anyone who wants to... Continue Reading →

Grace and Law+Economics

There is a maddening debate within Christianity that centers around the law and grace. Terms like “legalistic” and “grace freeloaders” are used to describe the opposite sides. Being a pragmatist, I try to stay away from the argument, because I always lose. Recently though, I was struck by something Jordan Peterson said in a lecture... Continue Reading →

Useless relics from the past

The supply and demand of racism. Now I know what you may be thinking, what does a quarter Latino cis-gender male from rural Indiana know about racism? Actually, I experienced it while traveling through a foreign country! I was involved in a car accident, and because I was from the United States, the accident was... Continue Reading →

Easter and the second Great Commission

  In Steven Covey’s classic book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” we are all encouraged to think of the goal before even planning the start. I believe this is a principle that applies across fields and even God followed this principle when mapping out his plan for mankind. I believe that God began... Continue Reading →

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