Why does it take so long to heal?

The economcis of grief and loss. Many, if not all people will experience some form of loss in their life. How we respond to it could determine many things about our future. A positive response can lift our spirits, while a negative response can send us spiraling downward. Of course, there are some things that... Continue Reading →

Cain and Abel and The Laffer Curve

The economics of expectations By Benjamin Balke I have always wondered why two people can be exposed to nearly identical disappointments or have the same types of trauma and one becomes bitter and resentful while the other actually grows as a result. In the past I attributed it to mental toughness, but recently I have... Continue Reading →

Resolutions anyone?

New Year's resolutions+Economics Happy New Year everyone. I think it is worth mentioning that there have been some major changes in our lives, as I am sure there has been in yours as well. In October of last year, my family and I began the transition to living abroad in Costa Rica. I am happy... Continue Reading →

Is there a set demand for abortion?

The Supply and Demand of Behaviors When I was younger, I wondered why people acted the way they did. Why some people seemed to be well behaved and others just seemed to have no self-control at all. At times, I attributed it to religious convictions but I eventually saw too many Christians not living out... Continue Reading →

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