Schools breed confusion. Do they also breed violence?

This year, as the school year ends, I am breathing huge sighs of relief. For the next 2 months, I don’t have to worry about the safety of my nieces and nephews at school.

The fact the I even feel such relief angers me. I am angry, because I believe I can no longer trust schools to be places of safety.

I am also angry due to shear frustration, as it is my belief that the education establishment itself bears some responsibility for the increase in school shootings and childhood suicides (the 6th leading cause of death for five-to-fourteen-year-olds) [1], the increase in the number of young people and children who choose harm their classmates.

I realize this is a bold, controversial charge. Allow me to explain.

Imagine for a moment:

You are standing up on a crowded bus, calling out, “There’s a cliff ahead!” Almost everyone seated around you on the bus, hypnotized and complacent, can’t hear your screams. They never even look up. Those who can hear, including the driver, dismiss your calls and confidently choose to ignore you. One other person, seated a few rows ahead of where you are standing, has heard your screams and turns to look at you, her face white with fear. Still, she remains frozen in her seat. Abulic, she’s unable to determine of what she fears most: possible reprimands from the driver or death via the cliff.  The bus continues barreling ahead.

The scenario I just described is often how it feels being a cogent-minded, free-thinking educator. I taught for 9 years.

There is one thing of which I am certain: there is something very wrong in our schools, and those in the education establishment are unwilling to discuss it. That is a major problem!

Sewing Confusion in Young Minds

MaskAt present, our schools function as petri dishes for the latest trends in psychology/behaviorism, critical pedagogy, and progressive social engineering.  Yet, research into the continual trends in education are almost never duplicated for reliability (o.13%). Of the 0.13% of studies which are duplicated, only 48% confirm the initial report’s findings, and this percentage drops even further when you remove research duplicated by the same authors of the original study. [2]

This constant barrage of a hodge-podge of ever-changing trends in pedagogy and curriculum, and the constant behavioral and moral psychologizing of students by teachers (untrained in mental health) [3] and snuck into the classroom through curriculum, can’t possibly be a recipe for the formation of healthy or cogent minds. Confusion is the antidote to stability.

All we have created is a soup of confusion, illiteracy, and malevolence.


Thanks to the venomous soup, John Dewey’s own malformed Frankenstein’s Monster, students in America’s public schools are now being taught:

  • to ignore the obvious truth seen by one’s own eyes, forcing them to accept that boys and girls, girls are boys, and that anyone who disagrees is a bad person [4];
  • humans are a plague upon the Earth and a pox upon mother nature;
  • there is no objective right and wrong (moral relativism);
  • you can freely choose what is morally right and wrong for yourself, regardless of how your views – or actions based on those views – will affect others (values clarification);
  • sexual pleasure trumps all personal responsibility and sexual pleasure should be pursued without fear consequence; abortion on demand is “health care”; small children are sexual beings [5];
  • men are evil;
  • racism; self-loathing based on skin pigmentation, group or class; group-class guilt [6];
  • the whole of your intrinsic value, your entire worth directly depends on your group identity;
  • death shouldn’t be feared, and you, alone, should choose when it is best for you to die, regardless of your age or your current health [7]; euthanasia is a public good [8];
  • there is no God;
  • Christianity is oppressive; Islam is peaceful;
  • America is bad; the Constitution is antiquated; no one has the right to defend oneself from harm;
  • it is not immoral theft to take money from wealthy citizens if the government legislates it as law; you have a right to the spoils which another person has earned;
  • socialism is a moral good;
  • and those who have been wronged should not exercise mercy or forgiveness, but instead, harboring a sense of vengeance, should seek retroactive “justice.” [9]

Punishing Dissent:

Teachers who make waves are ignored and dismissed or are forced suffer repercussions for their advocacy. Consider the words of a high school teacher in Kentucky, who emphatically stated:

“For a ‘dissident,’ teaching in the public schools today is similar to living under a Stalinist ‘Reign of Terror.’ Many teachers submit their horror stories and misgivings to anonymous publications or ask legislators not to quote them – for fear of repercussions.” [10]

Imagine… if a teacher feels this way, how do you suppose student “dissenters” feel?

The zealousness of ideologues in charge of schools and classrooms creates a mob-like environment, ripe with stress. This is neither healthy for students or for teachers. It also creates an environment which enables the wolves who’ve obtained power to silence all divergent viewpoints.

Deadly Silence

SinEach sin, each act of violence, is born inside of the corrupt human heart. Simultaneously, certain environments – especially ones which breed confusion and shun forgiveness – foster our sinful nature, creating the perfect conditions for a sinful thought to grow into the commission of a sinful act.

Behaviorist Kurt Lewin is well-known for his experiments inducing behavioral disorientation (confusion/ frustration). His most significant experiments were geared to inducing and then determining the behavioral effects of frustration in children.

Of one such experiment, Alfred J. Marrow wrote:

“The experiment indicated that in frustration the child tended to regress to a surprising degree… The degree of intellectual regression varied directly with the strength of the frustration… Aggressiveness also increased and some children went so far as to hit, kick, and break objects. [11] (emphasis mine)

Sin manWhile the ultimate responsibility of an act of violence falls upon the person who committed said act, we must address the environmental factors which may contribute. After all, don’t we all wish to prevent tragedy?

Still, those who profit from and whose ideological hunger is fed through the perpetuation of the current environments within America’s schools will disallow any conversation which allows the public to entertain doubts about the establishment’s superiority and expertise.

Teachers and students will keep “walking out” for more gun control. Teachers and unions will continue to strike for more funding. But no conversation regarding the environment of psychological confusion festering in our schools will be had.

SilenceFor this, I am frustrated. For this, I am angry. From the educational establishment, silence.


PrayerI continue to pray for the safety of our children and schools, and that the barriers of pride and ego may be broken down so that progress can be made and so that America’s students might not be afraid.

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