Is there a demand for mass shootings?

Proof texting, Gun control + Economics I am going to try to tackle the gun control debate, which is one of the hottest topics, if not the hottest topic right now. This is actually a classic debate that has been another way of polarizing our nation. I have seen memes on both sides. The problem... Continue Reading →

Is hell an eternal punishment?

Hell and Isolation+Economics Recently someone told me that she did not want to go to Sunday school because she was a single woman and the class was about solving marital conflict. The discussion went further on to reveal that she felt extremely isolated in the class because of it. She went on to explain that... Continue Reading →

My Jordan Peterson moment

Work and Inflation+Economics At least 2 times in my life, I have been walloped by circumstances. In youth group, I had risen to the top. But in college, I was back at the bottom. I can remember one time in class, the project was to describe yourself to a fellow student and then they would... Continue Reading →

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